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Badger Pest Control

Badgers are a protected species in the UK. However they can cause damage to gardens and are a well known gardeners pest.

Badgers live in 'setts' found in woods and copses that are normally near to pastureland. Therefore Badgers are very often causing damage to gardens in villages or small towns.

Badgers cause harm by their digging - looking for their favorite food, the earthworm and will also eat plant bulbs so digging up and eating garden plants is common.

How do you get rid of Badgers? With our Badger Repellent and Deterrent Pest Control Products to repel, deter, stop and get rid of pest Badgers and which include Ultra Sonic Badger Pest Repellers and Water Jet Spray Away Badger Repellent Units. These Badger repellent and deterrent pest control products are methods that are kind and humane for repelling, deterring, scaring, stopping and getting rid of problem Badgers and will scare the badgers away.

If you need any advice on which Badger Pest Control Product would suit your needs, give us a call on 03330 119703 or email

Pest Clear Badger Repeller

Pest Clear Badger Repeller is a battery operated, ultra sonic repellent unit for getting rid of badgers.

Ideal for use in

Price from: £39.95

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Badger Repellent Granules

Badger Repellent Granules are an effective and harmless way of deterring and getting rid of nuisance badgers outside in your

Price from: £5.99

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Pest Stop Outdoor Badger Repeller

The Pest Stop Outdoor Badger Repeller is a tried and tested method of repelling and getting rid of badgers and

Price from: £42.95

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Solar Power Kit to power the Pest Stop Badger Repeller

Solar Power Kit for use with and to eco power our Pest Stop Outdoor Badger Repeller.

*  Simply plugs into the

Price from: £22.99

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Badger Scarer and Chaser (Computerized)

Badger Scarer and Chaser is an innovative repellent unit to eradicate and stop problems caused to your garden by nuisance

Price from: £34.95

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Water Jet Spray Badger Repeller

Water Jet Spray Badger Repeller to use for eradicating and eliminating problem badgers outside in the garden.

*   Works on

Price from: £25.99

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