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Birds, Pigeons, Seagulls Control

Although many Birds are generally encouraged in garden environments, there are some birds that are nuisance birds such as Pigeons and Seagulls that can cause damage and unsightly mess with their droppings and these droppings can be a health hazard.

Pigeons and Seagulls cause the most nuisance as they have increased in numbers and are established in many city and rural areas inland an on the coast. In such situations there is a need to prevent or get rid of these nuisance birds.

We supply the best Pigeon, Seagull, Starling and other nuisance bird prevention systems available for you to easily control and get rid of these birds.

We have Bird Nets to prevent bird entry to balconies and exposed roofs. Bird, Pigeon and Seagull Spikes will stop birds nesting, roosting or perching on window sills, gutters or ledges of buildings. Our Bird Guards for chimneys will prevent birds falling down your chimney stack.

Our Bird Scare range is very popular with our Bird of Prey figures of Falcons and Owls to scare away, deter and warn birds from landing and perching. These Bird figures are widely used on buildings, boats and in caravan parks.

If you require any advice on how to get rid of your bird problem, please give us a call on 03330 119703 or email

Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes

Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes prevent small to larger birds such as sparrows, starlings and pigeons from perching, roosting or landing

Price from: £4.49

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Seagull Proof Spikes

Seagull Proof Spikes stop and prevent gulls and seagulls from landing, nesting or perching on buildings.

These stainless steel proofing spikes are

Price from: £6.99

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Pigeon, Bird & Seagull Spike Adhesive

Professional Grade Silicone Pigeon, Bird and Seagull Spike Adhesive to secure and fix our Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes and our Seagull

Price from: £6.99

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Gutter Clips for Bird Spikes (pack of 20 Clips)

Gutter Clips for Bird, Pigeon and Seagull Spikes.

Our Gutter Clips are a professional standard accessory that fixes pigeons and seagulls bird spikes onto

Price from: £9.65

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Roof Ridge Bird Spikes

Roof Ridge Bird Spikes to protect your roof and prevent birds such as seagull, pigeons, sparrows, starlings or rooks from

Price from: £7.99

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Chimney Pot Bird Proof Spikes

Chimney Pot Bird Proof Spikes to protect your chimney from nuisance birds such a pigeons, seagulls, starlings, rooks and ravens

Price from: £27.95

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Bird Proof Chimney Guard

Our Bird Proof Chimney Guard is widely used on house chimneys in the UK and seen on nearly every house in

Price from: £24.95

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Bird Ex Birds Proof Gel

Bird Ex Birds Proof Gel will repel and deter pigeons, starlings, seagulls and other nuisance birds from landing on balconies,

Price from: £21.99

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Guanaway Bird Dropping Cleaner

Guanaway Bird Dropping Cleaner cleans bird mess and droppings from window sills, ledges, garden furnture and sailing boats.

This effective bird

Price from: £12.99

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Bird Proof Net  (50mm mesh size)

Bird Proof  Net 5m x 5m ( 50mm mesh size ) for use in proofing an area to prevent larger

Price from: £20.56

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Bird Proof  Net (19mm mesh size)

Bird Proof Net to buy in a 5m x 5m piece ( 19mm mesh size ).

Our Bird Proof Net is

Price from: £55.33

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Bird Net Pack 1

Bird Net Pack 1 is suitable for netting and proofing an area of up to 5 metres x 5 metres.


Price from: £47.99

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Bird Net Pack 3 Professional

The Bird Net Pack 3 is suitable for preventing pigeons, seagulls, starlings and larger birds from entering an area up

Price from: £191.33

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Bird Net Pack 4 Professional

Bird Net Pack 4 will net an area of 10 metres x 10 metres and is suitable for netting balconies,

Price from: £211.50

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Electronic Bird Scarer - Sonic

Electronic Bird Scarer - Sonic for domestic or commercial bird pest control use, emits the hunting calls of owls and

Price from: £65.95

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Action Owl Bird Scarer

Action Owl Bird Scarer is a life-like owl figure with a head that moves in the wind.

The Action Owl bird

Price from: £15.99

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Falcon Bird Scarer

Falcon Bird Scarer is a life like fake model of this bird of prey that scares away and deters nuisance birds

Price from: £14.99

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Flying Falcon Birds Scarer

The Flying Falcon Birds Scarer is a life life flying bird of prey decoy for scaring off nuisance birds in

Price from: £14.99

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Heron Bird Scarer

The Heron Bird Scarer is a fake, plastic model that is effective to deter birds and herons from taking fish from your pond or

Price from: £14.99

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Fix All Adhesive

Fix All Adhesive is a strong glue for fixing our plastic bird scarers to walls, balconies, legdes etc.

Next Day Delivery.


Price from: £6.99

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Birds Deterrent Ribbon 30m

Birds Deterrent Ribbon is an iridescent tape that flashes and reflects light to frighten and scare away nuisance birds.

Ideal for

Price from: £4.95

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