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Rabbit Pest Control

There are several different types of Rabbit, but the main wild rabbit in the UK is the European Rabbit.

The male Rabbit is called a buck and the female Rabbit is called a doe. A young Rabbit is a kitten or kit.

Wild Rabbits like to live in meadows, woods and forests and the European Rabbit live underground in burrows or Rabbit holes. A group of Rabbit burrows is called a warren.

If you have found that Rabbits are invading your garden and digging up your plants or vegetables, we have put together an effective range of Rabbit Pest Control products to either repel, deter and get rid of problem Rabbits OR to catch Rabbits alive. All of our Rabbit Pest Control Products are all humane methods of stopping and getting rid of problem Rabbits.

We have a Live Catch Rabbit Cage Trap, Organic Rabbit Repelling Granules, Ultrasonic and Sonic Rabbit Deterent Repellers and Water Jet Spray Away Rabbit Repellent Units.

If you need any advice on which Rabbit Pest Control Product would suit your needs, please give us a call on 03330 119703 or email us

Rabbit Repellent Granules

Rabbit Repellent Granules [ contains aluminium ammonia sulphate ] for repelling, deterring, stopping and getting rid of problem and nuisance

Price from: £6.99

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Battery Operated Rabbit Repeller & Scarer

Battery Operated Rabbit Repeller and Scarer, scares rabbits away from gardens with ultra sound.

The repellent unit emits a high pitched

Price from: £39.95

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Mains Electric Outdoor Rabbit Repeller

Mains Electric Outdoor Rabbit Repeller is an ultra sonic repellent unit for repelling and eliminating rabbits making a mess in

Price from: £42.95

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Solar Power Kit - Pest Stop Outdoor Rabbit Repeller

Solar Power Kit for use to run our Pest Stop Outdoor Rabbit Repeller on free energy from the sun.

* Simply

Price from: £22.99

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Rabbit Repelling Water Sprayer

Rabbit Repelling Water Sprayer for eradicating and eliminating nuisance rabbits from the garden.

Easy to use, humane method of Rabbit Pest

Price from: £26.99

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Rabbit Cage Trap - Live Catch

Our Rabbit Cage Trap catches and traps rabbits alive and does not harm them.

Made galvanised, weatherproof mesh, it is a

Price from: £35.95

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