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Woodworm Pest Control

Woodworm is the name most frequently given to the larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle known also as Wood Beetles.

The Common Furniture or Wood Beetle may find access to your property and lays its 'Woodworm' eggs in nooks and crannies as well on / in non polished wood surfaces.

The larval stage of the Woodworm / Common Furniture and Wood Beetle is the stage that does the most damage boring into the wood.

The Woodworm larvae can stay in the wood, such as wooden beams, wooden floor boards and wooden furniture for several years.

Once the Woodworm larvae matures, they bore an exit hole and fly off to start the life cycle of the Woodworm once again. Sometimes at this stage they are called 'Flying Woodworm' or 'Flying Beetles'.

The Woodworm Killing and Woodworm Preventative Treatment liquids that we sell online for cleared for amateur / DIY use and we advise that you are thorough with your application in order to kill, stop and get rid of your Woodworm problem. Application of our Woodworm Treatment liquids will also act as a prevention method against Woodworm.

Our Woodworm Power Fogger is a type of whole room mist that will fumigate against these insects that cause damage to furniture and wooden structures.

If you would like any Woodworm Pest Control Treatment advice, please give us a call on 03330 119703 or email us

Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger (2 pack)

Woodworm Fumigation Power Fogger is an effective product to use to combat a problem with woodworm beetles.

These foggers are a

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Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer Spray 500ml

Woodworm Treatment Liquid Killer Spray to treat wooden beams, wooden furniture and wooden floorboards etc against a common furniture or

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Woodworm Killing Liquid 2.5 ltr

Woodworm Killing Liquid is a low odour product for killing and getting rid of woodworm and other wood boring insects.


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Woodworm Killer Treatment (5 litre)

If you are looking for an effective treatment that will eliminate and eradicate a problem with woodworm then this would

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Face Mask & Gloves Woodworm Treatment Protective Wear

Face Mask and Gloves to give protection whilst you carry out Woodworm Killing Treatments or Woodworm Preventative Treatments.

Next Day Delivery.


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